Educating underprivileged children

Helping Hands Jaipur Secondary School and Training Facilities

Presently we have 400 children enrolled in our school, studying in Hindi medium from Play Group to Secondary standard. By the 2020-21 school year, when we occupy our new School and Training Facilities, we expect enrolments to increase to 600, and by the 2022-23 year to increase to 800. Some of these children will go on to University and College studies, and many, having received Vocational and Skills Training whilst at school, will be ready to enter the work force after completing their Secondary or Senior Secondary education.

You can make our plan a reality for many children by selecting and donating towards the costs of the program your choice. Per month amounts are for total costs of all 400 students –

  1. Per month = 2,42,308/-  Staff salaries – 35 staff, including teachers, admin, kitchen, cleaners, drivers.
  2. Per month = 1,13,714/-  Buildings Rental, Utilities & Upkeep – 2 buildings, electricity & cleaning.   
  3. Per month =    54,114/-  Conveyance – buses to and from school daily.
  4. Per month =    45,365/-  Meals – daily nutritional lunch.
  5. Per month =   17,284/-   Uniforms – summer and winter, including shoes & school bags.
  6. Per month =   16,032/-   Classroom materials – textbooks, copybooks & stationery.
  7. Per month =     2,924/-   Medical Care – eyes, dental, general health. Registered nurse full time in school.
  8. Per month =     1,740/-   Educational excursions. 


Would you like to donate towards one or two of these work expenses?