Our Work

Every person who receives the breath of life has a God-given purpose for which that breath was given. Discovering that God-given purpose, and putting to use the talents and skills that one has been given, will result in satisfaction of life for one’s years here upon this earth. We consider that our work is to help people, in particular the poor, in discovering their life’s purpose and developing their skills to then live in that purpose. The earlier in life one discovers one’s God-given talents and skills and sets about developing them the better the chance of living a fulfilling and satisfying life. Discovering one’s talents rarely happens overnight, it takes time, sometimes years, until one finds oneself in that right place, fulfilling the desires of one’s heart.
Providing constructive education, vocational and skills training, guidance, and counselling for people, in particular children, gives opportunity to one to discover and then develop one’s talents and skills. This is the flagship of our work, although our overarching project looks also to meeting the needs of the people in the areas of Health & Hygiene, Environment Conservation, and General Awareness. By this we envisage seeing a transformed community of people in the years to come. 

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Helping Hands Jaipur Society in this work.