Our Goals

Identifying the Community’s Needs

Our Society’s overarching goal is for the Kathputli Community to be transformed and become long term self-sustainable. Having now 13 years of first-hand experience working and interacting with the residents of this slum community we have identified poverty specifically in the areas of education, literacy, vocational skills, income generation, health/hygiene and general awareness. Thus we have in place well defined objectives for addressing all areas of the community’s poverty. – 

Five Major Objectives

  1. Children’s Free Education – To provide ongoing premium standard education and guidance for underprivileged children from Pre-School through to Senior Secondary.
  2. Vocational Training for School Leavers – Students vocationally trained, and assisted towards and into suitable employment.
  3. Women’s Education & Skills Training – Women/girls able to pursue employment, and participate in family and community decision making & advancements.
  4. Financial Freedom – Community members having sustainable means of income for provision of what is accepted as the basic family necessities.
  5. Community Health, Hygiene & Environment – Improved community and family health, hygiene and living conditions. And the community free from preventable sicknesses and diseases.


Achievements to Date

Children’s Free Education  

  • Commencing with 27 children in 1st class in 2005 we have increased to 400 children to 10th standard in 2017
  • Ratio of boys at 51% and girls at 49%
  • Present recognition up to Secondary level, we are in the process of applying for Senior Secondary recognition
  • Six of our recent past students have graduated to university and college studies, studying in arts, commerce and education
  • In coming years many more of our well educated ‘slum children’ will follow in their footsteps.


Vocational Training for School Leavers – 

Because of limited space and facilities in our present school building we have limited our training for students, both past and present, to –

  • Boys – driving, computers, electrical, and organic vegetable farming.
  • Girls – computers, sewing, crafts, jewelery making, and organic vegetable farming


On occupying our new school building in 2018 training various other fields will be added to our Vocational Training Program. See Our Work/Children’s Education & Vocational Training for more details. 


Women’s Education & Skills Training

  • Since commencing 200 women completed Women’s Tailoring programs. Most of those now stitching families’ clothes, some are in paid work. Training program is continuing.
  • 15 received free sewing machines, now earning income with these machines.
  • In excess of 100 community women and girls now literate through Adult Literacy Classes running since 2007. Literacy program is continuing.
  • 20 young women studies in basic computer training, some in employment & further training now.
  • A 4 week community summer camp in Kathputli provided women training in literacy, sewing, embroidery, beautician, jewelry making and various arts and crafts.


Financial Freedom

  • 440 community members saving regularly with access to small business and personal loans.
  • 200 self help group members benefitting from financial counselling and business & personal money management guidance.


Community, Health, Hygiene & Environment

  • Since 2008 community residents have been provided with home cleaning products. This provision has contributed to cleanliness of many community homes.
  • Hundreds of community residents assisted with medical needs. Those include hospital consultations and admissions, dental care, eye checkups and operations, and other medical conditions.
  • In 2011 Helping Hands constructed for the Kathputli community a 20 cubicle community toilet block (10 men’s & 10 women’s).
  • In 2015 we completed ‘the water tap project’ whereby running water has been provided to more than 800 community homes. This project was done in conjunction with the Nagar Nigum and the Jyoti Nagar water board.
  • Free medical camps were conducted in the Kathputli Colony in 2006 and 2014. Next camp is being planned for 2018.