Other Society Programs

Since commencing our slum development project in 2004, there have been many educational, medical, social and environmental improvements in the Kathputli Slum where our work is based. For more detail of these listed programs you may see the successes and activities to date and what is planned for the future under our work dropdown box on the home page –

  1. Per month = 11,700/-   Women’s and Girls empowerment – self-help groups, adult literacy, skills training                                              courses and counselling.
  2. Per month =     800/-   Youth groups – preparing youth for adulthood through education, skills training, youth                                       guidance and activities.
  3. Per month =     900/-   Widows and orphans – food parcels, clothing, education & skills training,                                                           employment, and financial help when required.
  4. Per month =  3,000/-   Health Programs – health education, onsite medical camps, counsel & assistance                                           with doctor and hospital visits and admissions, financial assistance when required.
  5. Per Month =  2,000/-   Environment management – building toilet amenities, providing water to homes,                                               waste water drainage, and home &  community clean programs.


Would you like to donate towards one of these programs?