(presented in first person with translation from Hindi to English)

My Introduction to Helping Hands

In 2011 Sis Sumitra from Helping Hands was visiting Kathputli homes encouraging women to join self-help groups. They were meeting in homes fortnightly for discussing family and community issues. I joined a women’s group where I was counselled in our family’s regular savings, finances management, family health and hygiene. Women there were doing Adult Literacy classes, and also some were in Sewing Training programs. At the time I was working in cleaning homes and my husband part time in some office peon duties.

Welcomed to Helping Hands School

I appreciated the Helping Hands staff caring for us people. Not too many people had come to help us come up in our lives. I heard that Helping Hands School was wanting to hire a cleaner, this school was where many of our community children go. So I inquired and was given a job there cleaning and helping out with other duties. After I had been working there for some months I started helping the teachers in the small children’s classroom. 

My Qualifications Increasing 

By the year 2013 I was feeling to improve my life so I decided to continue my own studies to 10th standard. Previously I had completed only to 8th standard.  In 2014 Helping Hands was running computer training courses in our Kathputli Colony. So I joined with other women and studied about basic computering. Then in 2016 I studied and sat for and passed my Open Board 12th standard exam. Then in 2016 our school appointed me as a teacher of Nursery children, this is the work I most enjoy. In 2017 Helping Hands School is providing Diploma courses in Nursery and Primary Teacher Training for unqualified teachers like myself. This is beneficial for ourselves as teachers and especially for our students. We will be increasingly able to teach in more advanced methods.

Now Able To Help Others

After 7 years of being involved with Helping Hands my life has changed so much. I am achieving goals in my life that I would have not even have imagined earlier in my life. My husband is happy for my success, and he has regular work now. My two sons are studying and achieving well. Lucky is in 6th and Mohit is in 1st class at Helping Hands School. I have found now that I don’t have to be focusing only on my own life, but now I am able to be a help to other women and children of my colony and others also in Jaipur.