My Early Childhood

My story is not just about my own life, but about that of my whole family’s. Since the day Helping Hands staff entered in to Kathputli Slum and began their work in 2004 our lives changed.

The first years of my life since my birth in 2002 were in Kathputli Slum Jaipur. My father, Shankar Singh, was working for a battery company and my mother, Sumitra Singh, was cleaning houses. My mother joined a Helping Hands stitching training program in 2004. In 2005 Helping Hands started a school, and I arrived on the school bus with 27 children for the very first day of my schooling In 2007 my parents became caretakers of our school premises. From that time I grew up in the atmosphere of education and care for children.

My Tour of Australia

As I was progressing through my classes, my teachers were educating us very well and teaching us about good life skills. In 2013 when I was in 6th class I was one of 16 students and staff selected for a 7 week educational and cultural tour of Australia. Our  team travelled by bus through the state of Queensland visiting schools, zoos, retirement villages, beaches, water parks and farms. In each of the cities visited we performed cultural dance and puppet shows. Many people came to watch our performances, and the donations received at these events paid for all of the expenses of the tour. This tour was the only time we had been on an aeroplane. We seen many beautiful sites of Australia, also having rides on city trains, on a ferry, on a speedboat and jetski, and we went swimming at several beaches and swimming pools.

Our School’s 10 Years’s Celebration

In 2015 our school celebrated 10 years of providing free education for poor children. This was a very special occasion for all our students and staff. In 2017 I sat for my 10th board exam achieving 1st division. Now I am in 11th class studying science, hoping to become a doctor. My brother is also studying science in 12th class.

Our Future Development

For the last two years our school has been promoting fitness for staff and students. During 2017 more than one hundred of Helping Hands people have participated in marathon running. After lots of early morning training I was able to complete a 10 km marathon recently. 

Since joining Helping Hands both of my parents have been trained in and now work in community development of our Kathputli Slum. Now we are all eagerly awaiting the building of our new school. Many other poor people, just like myself and my family, will have their lives and futures changed.