Donate for Underprivileged Children’s Education Today

Today our nation of India, by world standards, is steadily advancing technologically, economically, politically and socially. For this advancement to continue into the future the next generation of adults, which is the school children of today, should be well educated and prepared and in the mode of advancement. 


Unfortunately in past years the advancement of the underprivileged and poor sectors of society had been to a degree neglected, but these days a greater focus on and good efforts through our government, NGOs and the general public is bringing about restoration and upliftment for these people.


Recognising that education and vocational training are ‘master keys’ required for students of today for opening the doorways to better futures, our Helping Hands School Education Program has become the flagship of our overarching community project work. Having 400 students currently in classes Nursery through to Secondary we have reached the stage of needing to leave our current inadequate rented school facilities, and for building our own school on donated land. Here students will be provided much needed facilities such as science labs, computer lab, library, vocational training facilities, kitchen & dining hall, and a sports ground. Through this initiative many thousands of students in the coming years will be adequately prepared and equipped for entering into the workforce, and making their worthy contribution towards the advancement of our nation of India.  


Please join in partnership with us by donating generously for the building of our new School and Training Facilities. Your donation will contribute greatly towards to the overall success of our community upliftment cause.