CSR Funds

Our Society’s Transparency 

Helping Hands Jaipur Society has been successfully serving and uplifting marginalized communities in Jaipur since 2004. Having in place well defined project objectives, activity schedules, performance indicators and monitoring procedures we are effectively achieving our goals. 

We consider total transparency vital, and have in place procedures for presenting to our partners the integrity of our work. Punctual filing of returns to the Societies, Taxation and FCRA Departments keeps us in good stead for the advancement of our work.   

What about your CSR project goals?

Being a recognized Charitable Society we are able to provide you with 80G tax receipt benefits.

We can help you achieve your CSR goals and that too within your budget. Our presence in five different development work sectors matches criterias required of the Companies Act, 2013. Those sectors being Education, Vocational and Skills Training, Women Empowerment, Community Health & Hygiene and Environment Conservation. 

You though may have a desire for an alternative project to be implemented. We are happy to discuss with you your plan. If implementable through our programs we will work with you to help you achieve your desired goals. 

Your Employees’ Involvement

And yes, we do have strategies to engage your employees effectively so that they feel connected to the cause you want to work for. We too promote a culture of volunteering. (see Volunteers page for ways to get involved). 

You may contact us at admin@hhjs.in for your particular proposal. Or call our management at 0141 2251743.