Community Care & Helps


Counselling Workshops

In the Kathputli Slum there are many men and women addicted to harmful substances. These addictions bear not only a burden on the addicted person but also on the family and community members. These addictions contribute towards poverty in the areas of finance, physical and mental illness, abuse, family and community relationships. Staff  provide counselling for the victim and their families (if they are willing).  Helping Hands conducts workshops for guiding the persons away from their addictions. A good level of success has been achieved through these workshops. See photo (right) of ‘breaking alcoholism’ workshop meeting held with men of the Kathputli Slum.


Care Services for Disabled

There are widows, orphans and people with physical and mental disabilities whom Helping Hands assists with food, clothing, small finances where required & counselling. Bicycle wheelchairs for moving around have been provided.


 Distribution of Clothing and Blankets

At times Helping Hands receives donations of beanies, blankets and children’s clothing. All of these are crocheted and sewn by groups of elder women who prepare these specifically for the poor and disadvantaged in third world countries. From these groups we received 1,000 adults blankets, 800 beanies and infants blankets, and several hundreds of sets of children’s clothing. These were distributed throughout the slum, and at a very crucial time, as the winter that year was very cold.

As well as taking many patients for hospital treatments, we often visit patients in TB and cancer wards for prayer, comforting and counselling.