Awareness Programs


  • Families having sustainable means of income for provision of what is accepted as the basic family necessities.
  • Community members having knowledge of and access to various available government and society schemes for benefiting the disadvantaged and poor.


Guidance and Counselling Programs

  • Throughout the community there are in excess of 20 women’s self-help groups. Groups meet monthly where they participate in discussions, and benefit from financial, family, community and personal guidance.
  • Many of these SHG members are students of Adult Literacy classes and Skills Training programs.    
  • All community members are encouraged to save regularly. Some have been able to access small business and personal loans.
  • Staff assist people in opening and maintaining their bank accounts.
  • Guidance is provided for community people in filling forms for receiving birth certificates, aadhar cards, pan cards and ration cards. These are official ID  documents that are needed these days, and will especially be beneficial for the next generation of adults and parents.