About Us

As Part of our Nation’s Progress

India today is a nation that is steadily progressing technologically, economically and socially.  Thus we (all) need to keep in step with the progression, so as to share in its benefits. 

As Helping Hands management recognize this, we are continually upgrading and advancing the methods of doing our programs. Ongoing staff training and implementation ensures that our people will be beneficiaries of and partakers in our future advancing India. 

Our Work as Charitable NGO 

Established upon a call to help the underprivileged and poor of India, the Helping Hands Jaipur Society was formed in Jaipur in 2004.

We commenced our work with just a small sewing centre attended by 20-30 young women from the Kathputli Slum. Since then the work has increased to become a Community Development Project addressing all aspects of the community’s poverty with programs of –

  • education
  • vocational & skills training
  • finances management
  • empowerment of women and girls
  • personal and community health & hygiene
  • care services
  • awareness education & programs 


Those who currently support our Helping Hands work extend beyond our nation’s shores to Australia, England and Holland.

To see in more detail our goals, staff, partners and accreditations please peruse the ‘About Us’ drop down boxes. 

Thank you for your partnership with us in donating to this worthy cause.