My Family Situation

In 2005 my mother heard that Helping Hands had started a school for our colony children, and they were providing all class materials, lunches and conveyance free of cost. At that time my father had deserted us and was providing no money or support at all for us. My mother had to sit in the home day and night making puppets for money to feed and clothe us. She decided that if her children could have an education then this may be beneficial for our futures. (Aarti, 1st class – front left)

My Schooling

To my family‚Äôs surprise, right from my 1st class I enjoyed my studies and doing my homework. I was easily able to commit myself to my education, always wanting to learn more and more. My mother was very honoured to come to the school awards presentations through the years to see me receive my class academic awards. And in years to follow my younger sister Anjali has excelled in her studies just as well as I have. At our presentations we have been able to sing and recite our poetry together. 

During the years of my schooling at Helping Hands staff there have treated me as a daughter. They had counselled and guiding myself and my family through difficult situations, always keeping us positive through these times. Helping Hands conducted summer camps in which I have learned many other life skills in addition to my education. All through my schooling Helping Hands has provided for my medical care, and many times for my family’s also.

In 2017 I passed my 12th Board Exam with a 78% pass, with Political Science, Eng Literature and History as my optional subjects. Since then I had some work with a CA Company, until I commenced my college studies at Subodh College. After college I hope to receive a position eventually as a Govt Admin Officer. I am also very interested to become involved in social work for advancing the cause of women.

My Thanks

Today I am very thankful to Helping Hands Jaipur School staff for what they have done in providing for myself and so many poor girls and boys of our community free education and many other additional benefits. Amongst other benefits Helping Hands has provided taps in all of our homes for daily water. This has been so beneficial for all of our community health and hygiene wise.